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Este unul dintre cei mai importanti producatori de sisteme de etansare hidraulice si pneumatice. Mai mult de 100 de ani de experienta in industria etansarilor, cele mai moderne profile si tehnologii de fabricatie si testare asigura filozofia ce sta la baza succesului etansarilor HALLITE. Intreaga activitate de proiectare si productie se desfasoara conform celor mai inalte sisteme de asigurare a calitatii.

Este singura societate din lume producatoare de elemente de etansare care isi fabrica ea insasi materia prima.

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Hallite 714
The Hallite 714 is a double acting seal capable of passing over ports.
Sealing Systems for Off-highway Equipment
Within the off-highway sector, there is an ever increasing demand on equipment manufacturers for their products to perform a variety of different functions. Hallite Seals offer the range and scope of products necessary for this demanding global industry.
Hallite 735
The Hallite 735 is a compact double acting piston seal assembly designed for one piece pistons and is suitable for low to high pressure, medium to heavy duty applications.
Hallite 621
The Hallite 621 rod seal is engineered for demanding applications that are subject to high pressure functions, extreme cyclic shock loadings and arduous operating conditions.
Hallite 506
Manufactured to very high tolerances and providing bearing solutions for reciprocating, oscillating and slow rotary movement applications. Hallite 506 bearing strip is used in many of today’s most strenuous hydraulic applications around the world.
Hallite 80
The Hallite 80 is designed specifically for use in swivel joints or rotary unions commonly found on earthmoving equipment. Swivel joints are used on machines where a 360o movement is required and enables hydraulic pressure to be transfered through the joint.
Sealing Systems for the Mining Industry
For over 30 years Hallite Seals have designed, developed and manufactured hydraulic seals and bearings for the mining industry creating a wealth of knowledge and experience which is unsurpassed worldwide within the field of specialised mining applications.
Hallite 533
The Hallite 533 is designed for use as a piston or rod bearing in hydraulic cylinders
Hallite 860
The Hallite type 860 is a rust inhibited metal cased wiper, designed to press-fit into open groove housing. The wiping element is machine trimmed and securely bonded to the metal case.
Hallite 862
The type 862 comprises a trimmed polyurethane wiping element which is securely bonded to a metal case treated with a rust inhibitor.
Hallite 83
The Hallite Tri-Seal assembly offers the engineer many advantages when considering the design of cast iron, bronze, alloy etc. one-piece pistons in double acting hydraulic cylinders. It is cost effective with long and efficient seal life.
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